Simple Past Tenses

Simple past digunakan untuk cerita hal-hal diwaktu lampau.

Contoh :

–          I collided with a crazy woman last week.

–          We were at that boat last month.

–          They didn’t make any problem yesterday.

–          They were not naughty yesterday.

Rumus :

Kalimat Positif

S + V2 S + was/were + C
–       A bus struck that post three days ago. –          My friends were angry with you last month.

Kalimat Negatif

S + didn’t  + V1 S + am/is/are + not + C
–          She didn’t say anything yesterday. –          He was not successful last night.


Say in English :

1.      Lelaki itu dalam bahaya kemarin.

2.      Wanita itu cerewet sekali kemarin.

3.      Mereka tidak mandi kemarin sore.

4.      Mereka menjemput aku kemarin.

5.      Empat tahun lalu sebuah gempa bumi dahsyat meluluh-lantakkan Jogja.

Sumber: Mr. Catur Wiranto S.Pd (Dosen STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA)

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